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Which are the top 10 countries making significant strides in mental health policy?

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It is important to note that mental health policies can vary widely across different countries, and there is no definitive ranking of the top 10 countries making strides in this area. However, several countries have been recognized for their efforts in prioritizing and implementing progressive mental health policies. Here is a list of some countries that are often mentioned for their significant strides in mental health policy:

1. Australia: Australia has made significant advancements in mental health policy, focusing on early intervention, community-based care, and increased funding for mental health services.

2. Canada: Canada has been working towards integrating mental health into its healthcare system and implementing policies for better access to mental health services, particularly through initiatives like the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

3. Finland: Finland has developed an extensive community-based mental health system, emphasizing early intervention, prevention, and recovery-oriented approaches. They have also launched campaigns to reduce stigma around mental health.

4. New Zealand: New Zealand has progressively focused on improving mental health services, increasing funding, and implementing initiatives like the Mental Health Commission and the Five-Year Mental Health and Addiction Plan.

5. Norway: Norway has implemented policies to promote mental health, including initiatives targeting suicide prevention, reducing stigma, and ensuring access to mental health services, particularly for children and young people.

6. Scotland: Scotland has prioritized mental health policies, focusing on children and young people’s mental health, psychological therapies, and community-based support services. Their national strategy, “Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027,” aims to improve mental health outcomes across the population.

7. South Africa: South Africa has made efforts to integrate mental healthcare into primary healthcare services, improve access to services, and launch significant initiatives like the “Mental Health Policy Framework and Strategic Plan.”

8. Sweden: Sweden has implemented comprehensive mental health policies, emphasizing community-based care, person-centered approaches, and early intervention. They have also invested in initiatives to reduce stigma and promote mental wellbeing in schools and workplaces.

9. United Kingdom: The UK has been working towards transforming mental health services, investing in early intervention programs, expanding community-based care, and addressing inequalities in access to mental health support, as reflected in their “Mental Health Strategy for England.”

10. United States: The United States has been striving to reform mental health policies, expanding access to mental health services through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and advancing mental health parity. However, it is essential to note that mental health policies can vary significantly across different states in the US.

While these countries are often recognized for their advancements in mental health policy, it is crucial to acknowledge that progress is ongoing, and there are always areas that need improvement in mental health services worldwide.

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