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Which are the top 10 countries that have made significant progress in combating obesity?

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It is important to note that measuring progress in combating obesity can be subjective and there are various factors to consider. However, here are ten countries that have made significant efforts in addressing obesity:

1. Japan: Known for its healthy traditional diet and active lifestyle, Japan has relatively low obesity rates compared to many developed nations.
2. South Korea: Similar to Japan, South Korea promotes healthy eating habits and physical activity, resulting in lower obesity rates.
3. Switzerland: Switzerland has implemented various policies to encourage physical activity and promote healthy eating habits, resulting in lower obesity prevalence.
4. Norway: Norway has implemented initiatives to promote healthy food choices, physical activity, and has a strong focus on public health.
5. Singapore: With its health promotion programs and initiatives targeting school children, Singapore has seen a decline in childhood obesity rates.
6. Sweden: Sweden has implemented measures to promote a healthy lifestyle, including initiatives like free fruits in schools and workplaces.
7. Netherlands: Known for its cycling culture and sustainable city planning, Netherlands has low obesity rates and encourages physical activity.
8. Australia: Australia has implemented several strategies to combat obesity, including initiatives targeting schools, workplaces, and public spaces.
9. Finland: Finland has implemented measures to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles, and the government has set targets to reduce obesity rates.
10. United Kingdom: The UK has implemented various policies to tackle obesity, such as sugar taxes, food labelling regulations, and promoting physical activity.

It is important to remember that obesity rates can vary over time, and the effectiveness of a country’s efforts in combating obesity may also change.

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