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Which are the top 10 philanthropic contributions to health research this year?

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As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time data access. However, I can provide you with some of the notable philanthropic contributions to health research that have occurred in recent years. Please note that these may not be the exact top 10 for the current year, as it depends on the specific time frame and availability of updated information. Here are some significant contributions:

1. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The foundation has made substantial contributions to global health research, focusing on areas such as infectious diseases, vaccines, maternal and child health, and more.

2. Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: Founded by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and his wife, Priscilla Chan, this initiative has pledged billions towards advancing scientific research including biomedical research, disease prevention, and the development of new tools and technologies.

3. Michael Bloomberg: The Bloomberg Philanthropies, led by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has donated significantly to health initiatives like reducing tobacco use, obesity prevention, and combating non-communicable diseases.

4. Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI): HHMI supports biomedical research, offering funding to scientists across the United States, focusing on areas such as cell biology, genetics, neuroscience, and related fields.

5. Wellcome Trust: This global charitable foundation funds health research across various domains, including infectious diseases, mental health, genomics, public health, and more.

6. Susan G. Komen Foundation: Focusing primarily on breast cancer research, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has made significant contributions towards scientific studies, treatment advancements, and raising awareness about breast cancer.

7. Broad Foundation: The Broad Foundation has made contributions to biomedical research and the life sciences, emphasizing areas like genomics, medical research, and the translation of scientific knowledge into practical applications.

8. The Walton Family Foundation: While not exclusively focused on health research, the Walton Family Foundation has supported initiatives related to healthcare, including funding for medical research, innovative healthcare models, and the advancement of healthcare accessibility.

9. The Wellcome Leap: Recently launched by the Wellcome Trust, this initiative aims to accelerate transformative innovations in health research, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and interdisciplinary collaborations.

10. The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust: This foundation has supported various health research projects, particularly in areas like diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

It’s important to research the latest developments as philanthropic contributions to health research are constantly evolving.

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